Raise Bakery, the Worthing-based cake maker, has pledged to pay its staff the Living Wage of £8.25 per hour.

The company employs nine people and has already been paying staff the higher rate since June, though this move puts the change on an official basis. Any new staff will be started on the old rate of £7.85 per hour.

The move makes the company the 250th to sign up to the Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign, which asks employers to pay the rate advised by the Living Wage Foundation. Currently standing at £8.25 per hour nationally or £9.40 for London, the rate is higher than the government-implemented National Living Wage which, from April will insist staff over 25 are paid at least £7.20 per hour.

Team are a priority

Jeremy Jacobs, managing director at Raise Bakery, said: “Providing a living wage as a minimum helps us ensure everyone can live comfortably. The team at Raise Bakery are our number one priority. Of course, we value our customers deeply but we know that if we have a happy and productive team, it naturally follows that they will look after our customers and keep them happy too.

“We’ve always planned to pay the higher rate when opening the shop. We believe that well-paid staff will feel more valued and appreciated and, in turn, will help support us in continuing to deliver excellent customer service, which keeps our customers happier.”

Raise Bakery produces a range of cakes, desserts and biscuits for wholesale and foodservice clients including airlines and local businesses. Last year, the business opened its first retail shop in Hove.