Manchester-based kosher bakery State Fayre has changed hands.

Jonathan Fagleman (pictured far left) and Isaac Stefansky (pictured far right) will succeed Robert Rosenfeld, whose family came to Manchester from Poland and passed down the bakery and its traditions through several generations.

The new owners plan to expand the business through a £343,000 investment from NatWest, which will enable the business to increase the bakery’s 20-strong workforce.

Although the new owners aim to develop the business, they said they would continue to prioritise the legacy of the bakery, which first began serving the public in 1905.

“While we now plan to grow and improve State Fayre, we will maintain the ingredients, techniques and styles that have made it popular for the past 100 years, and look forward to serving customers for many years to come,” said Fagleman.

State Fayre specialises in production of traditional baked kosher breads and cakes, which can be bought from two deli and coffee shop locations in the city.

It is also the only kosher bakery to have a supermarket presence, with many of its products sold in Sainsbury’s, including challah, bagels and kichel.