Cardiff, Wales

Service: Braby Service Division’s specialist confined space and rope access labour, cleaning services, remote access photographic techniques, hot pressure washing, grit blasting and re-coating service

Why? To thoroughly clean the internal walls, ceiling and hopper of a 30ft flour silo to maintain constant high levels of hygiene and to produce a fully comprehensive report after the inspection of the now-clean internal features to assist in future planned preventative maintenance

How it came about? Braby Service division was contracted in to carry out the routine internal cleaning of the flour silo, which required specialist rope access techniques. Following the cleaning, Braby engineers’ report highlighted that the silo’s internal coating of paint was beginning to fail. Braby Service advised that the degradation of the internal coating would be rapid and before long flakes of paint would fall and end up in the raw materials. After reading the report, Allied Bakeries instructed Braby Service to make the silo hygienic. Emphasis was placed on urgency, as the silo was needed for production

How it works: the internal body and ceiling of the silo was hot pressure-washed, grit-blasted and coated with a food-grade, high-slip modulus, solvent-free epoxy resin. This coating should see a serviceable life of at least 10 years

Problems solved: a high-value silo has been maintained and the threat of raw material product contamination removed. Future maintenance has also been improved and the industrial coating provides a very smooth surface, reducing hygiene issues


Supplied by: Braby Service Division