Barnsley City Council has praised its local bakers for the work they have done to reduce salt in bread.

Two years ago, a sampling programme, started by Regulatory Services Food Standards Officers at Barnsley Council, found there were high levels of salt in locally made bread.

According to the council, some products tested were seen to be so high in salt that by eating two breadcakes without any filling, for example, an adult would hit the 6g daily allowance.

Since then, bakers have been working to reduce the levels of salt in their bread and, when retested in March this year, 88% if the bread tested met the current Food Standards Agency salt targets, and 64% met or exceeded the salt reduction targets for 2012.

Bakers have also been provided with a healthy eating certificate to display in their stores, which details the salt levels in their products.

“This is a major achievement for Barnsley’s craft bakers, who have worked together to reduce salt levels in their products and offer healthier food for their customers,” commented Cllr Roy Miller, cabinet spokesperson, Development, Environment and Culture (Operations).

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