I have a very sweet tooth, so enjoy eating lots of cakes and chocolate. My brother’s girlfriend works in a bakery in Sevenoaks, Kent, so we often get free cakes from her, such as vanilla slices, iced buns, cream cakes, ginger breadmen and biscuits.

I definitely prefer bakery cakes over supermarket cakes, as they seem much more fresh. My favourite cakes are Chelsea buns or doughnuts as they’re really sweet. I like all kinds of doughnuts, jam ones and Krispy Kreme. On a visit to Florida, I went to Dunkin’ Donuts, which was great.

I don’t really like pastry, so I don’t eat a lot of pies. I find it quite dry and messy, but will eat it depending on the filling - the sweeter the better.

There are lots of pastry options if you eat meat, such as steak bakes, sausage rolls, meat and potato pies, bacon wraps and so on. But if you’re a vegetarian, like me, there is only the normal cheese and onion pasty.

I would like to see more savoury options in bakeries. For example, there is a pasty shop close to where I live and they serve a Mediterranean vegetable pasty - it’s great to have the choice.

When I was at school, I had a packed lunch, rather than ate the food they provided because there was nothing really for vegetarians to eat. I made my own sandwiches - usually jam or peanut butter.

My favourite bread is white bread, but my mum will only buy brown bread now because it’s much healthier. She usually gets Hovis or Kingsmill rather than the supermarket bread.

Lauren Welch

Tonbridge, Kent