Bakery chain Cooplands (Doncaster) is planning to expand into wholesale for the first time after being awarded a BRC rating. It has recently been audited against BRC issue 5 and awarded a Grade B.

Previously the firm had only manufactured products to sell in its own 75-shop estate, but it has been working with the Regional Food Group for Yorkshire and Humber (RFG) for the last three years on growing the business in a new direction.One of the aims of the RFG is to develop the region’s food and drink sector through delivering trade development, which is offered through targeted business assistance.

The RFG has worked with Cooplands on its preparation to supply external wholesalers and developed the various producing units, including the confectionery, bread and savoury departments.

Cooplands technical manager, Martin Wattam, said: “Supplying to wholesalers is very different to supplying in-house and the RFG helped us improve our control systems and distribution.”