More than 700 bakers and businesses took part in the recent National Doughnut Week, sponsored by BakeMark UK. Money is still being collected, but it is hoped to raise up to £40,000 in total.

Campbell’s bakery of Crieff, in the Scottish Highlands, was one of the bakeries which joined in the event from 5-12 May.

The firm held a doughnut eating competition at its local market, which raised over £200 for Doughnut Week charity the Children’s Trust. This provides specialist care and rehabilitation for children with multiple disabilities.

The winner, Craig Copeland, munched an impressive five and a half doughnuts in five minutes.

Ian Campbell, manager of the bakery, said: "At first we were going to have a competition to see if people could eat a doughnut without licking their lips. Instead we went for the doughnut eating competition. It’s funny because Craig is also Campbell’s pie eating Champion, after he won an event held in October."

Campbell said that every one who attended the event had a great time. It also received publicity in the local newspaper.