Cake and dessert supplier Elisabeth the Chef has added a number of new cartoon character licences to its portfolio. Batman – in a new bright cartoon format - joins the line-up in a bid to capitalise on a new light-hearted animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which hits TV screens at the end of March.

The company has produced a 7” Genoese sponge cake coated with sugar paste and filled with buttercream and strawberry jam.

Stephanie Fournat, licence product manager for Elisabeth the Chef, said: “We are planning to reflect the feel of the new animated series and target our product at a much younger audience by producing a cake in brighter colours, and making the packaging much more fun for kids by providing a game on the back of the pack and logo stickers on the cake band.”

Meanwhile, the company has developed a range of products carrying children’s character Noddy, in time for his 60th anniversary.

A new TV series launches towards the end of April and the character has been signed in a deal spanning all Elisabeth the Chef products, including celebration cakes, desserts and chilled bakery goods.