Baked goods and other groceries are being sold direct to consumers through a new service developed by Fatherson Bakery.

Alongside Fatherson’s baked items, including cakes, pies and traybakes, the site will offer the bakery’s new bread products. The grocery range currently features flour, tea, biscuits and cleaning products, but the business plans to source other goods in the coming weeks.

Fatherson said the Direct Deliver site had been launched in response to the challenge many people had in getting hold of basic food and household essentials.

The company has also encouraged consumers to set up local food hubs to make more efficient use of the service by cutting delivery costs and food miles, with a group of orders sent to a single location. Fatherson will separate each of the orders, and delivery will be free for total orders of £250 or more.

The Alcester-based bakery was founded in 2007, and was acquired last year by former Unilever marketing chief Laurence Smith, his wife Megan and business partner Mark Lewis.

Many bakery businesses have been adapting to trading during the coronavirus outbreak by supplying a wider range of products and selling direct to consumers.