Photographs of a McDonald’s Happy Meal taken every day for six months, by American artist Sally Davies, revealed that the burger, bun and fries had not started showing even the first signs of mould, reported The Daily Mail. Davies said that at six months old, the food felt plastic to the touch and had an acrylic sheen to it.

New research by Unilever has revealed that engine noise on planes may affect travellers’ enjoyment of the food served. Blind tasting revealed the louder the noise, the less acute the sense of the sweetness and saltiness of the food.

An article in The Express recently highlighted how little British people know about when fruit and vegetables are in season, and even how they grow. The survey of 14,000 people, commissioned by fresh fruit and vegetable supplier From My Farm revealed that one in 10 people think strawberries grow on trees and one in 12 think Brussels sprouts do too.

Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King reportedly "slammed" the British education system for leaving supermarkets short of potential employees, according to The Telegraph. King was reported as saying that many of the places on courses such as food technology which are vital to supermarkets are populated by students from overseas, which leads to the skills being exported.