Lidl launches permanent free-from product range

Warburtons’ loaves are among products being rolled out as part of Lidl’s first free-from range.

The discount retailer is this week launching gluten-free products, including thins, rolls and cookies, to stores across England, Scotland and Wales, with prices starting from 79p.

Lidl said a recent Mintel report found that 47% of free-from shoppers in the UK spent less on these products when budgets were tight.

“We’re delighted to add this new free-from food range to our ever-growing food offering,” said Lidl head of food buying Richard Inglis.

“We want to ensure that anyone buying gluten-free doesn’t have to face unnecessarily high costs or compromise on product quality. Staying in tune with the changing needs of our customers is a priority whilst providing a wide range of high-quality products that are accessible to everyone.”

The Lidl permanent line-up comprises

  • Warburtons, Gluten Free Bread Loaves – £1.49
  • Warburtons, Gluten Free Bread Rolls Assorted – £1.99
  • Warburtons, Gluten Free Sandwich Thins Assorted – £1.99
  • Mrs Crimble’s, Gluten Free Macaroons Assorted – £1.19
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Digestives – £0.95
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Chocolate Digestives – £1.19
  • Just Free, Luxury Gluten Free Cookies Assorted – £1.29
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Cookies (Ginger/Choc Chip) – £0.99
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Brownie Mix – £1.29
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Tortilla Chips – £1.39
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Tortilla Chips Multipack – £0.99
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Flour Assorted – £1.29
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Porridge Oats – £1.79
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Coated Rice Cakes Assorted – £0.99
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Corn/Unsalted Rice Cakes – £0.79
  • Just Free, Gluten Free Spaghetti – £0.99
  • Nairn’s GF Wholegrain Crackers – £1.25
  • Nestlé GoFree Cornflakes – £1.75
  • Nestlé GoFree Rice Pops – £2.29
  • Deluxe, Luxury Gluten Free Nut Bars Assorted – £2.49
  • Deluxe, Luxury Fruit & Nut Bar – £1.79

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