La Pizza Company is offering its frozen part-baked Tear & Share Garlic Bread in new flavours. They are now available in cajun garlic, parmesan & black pepper and roasted red onion varieties, and are made using real garlic butter.

"We sprinkle it with Italian herbs and coat it with an additional ring of garlic butter after the first bake," explained Richard Jansen, managing director of La Pizza Company. The bread then needs to be placed in a pizza pan or on a tray, which has been lightly brushed with oil and baked for around 10 minutes. "It is during the final bake that the garlic butter melts and is absorbed, giving a light & fluffy texture with a strong garlic flavour," added Jansen.

La Pizza Company also offers a range of speciality Mediterranean breads. Altamura bread, made from fine, hard wheat semolina, is available as a flat oval bread with red onion or sun-dried tomato. La Pizza is also producing semolina breads, to a Sicilian recipe, and focaccia bread, made using a traditional Italian recipe, requiring semolina flour. The focaccia is available in tomato & olive or infused with rosemary, in either 1kg rectangle or 350g oval sizes.