BIA Bakery Food Manufacturer of the Year, Greggs, is to supply savouries to the troops.

The company is to partner to the Navy, Army & Air Force Institute (NAAFI) in a trial that will see Greggs’ products served at the British military base in Gutersloh, Germany.

The move comes after it was revealed that Greggs was the most requested food brand.

Greggs will be supplying a range of seven frozen savouries, including sausage rolls, steak bakes, chilli bakes and sausage & bean melts, which will be baked throughout the day and displayed in a Greggs branded savoury counter.

Greggs will be training NAAFI personnel to ensure the troops get the same quality and fresh savouries they would in a Greggs shop at home.

The trial will commence on 17 September and will run for 12 weeks. A decision on rolling out the concept more widely will be taken at the end of the trial.

Ken McMeikan, chief executive of Greggs, said: “It’s great to hear that Greggs was the most requested brand that troops missed from home and we are really pleased to be making our savouries accessible to our troops in Germany, and, depending on the success of the trial, more widely available for our armed forces personnel around the world.”

Mike Chapman, head of customer service for NAAFI, said: “We are delighted to be able to bring customers the taste of come that they have been asking for. Greggs is one of the most popular brands on the UK high street for its iconic sausage rolls and pasties, and our customers want us to deliver that to them during their NAAFI break.”