Hovis has returned to TV screens for the first time in three years with a modern twist on its iconic ‘boy on a bike’ ad. 

Promoting its fortified Good Inside range, the commercial shows the world through the eyes of three bike-riding children, who do everything they can to escape the clutches of a computer-generated house that will stop at nothing to keep them inside.

Created by agency Mother, the advert conveys the message that children should be outside enjoying adventures and a healthy lifestyle. It is accompanied by a modern soundtrack that is fused with Dvorak’s New World Symphony – the original Hovis music.


Sophie Lyons, Hovis marketing manager, said: “Hovis is a much-loved British brand. With this latest advert for the Hovis Good Inside range we were keen to harness this brand love and pay homage to that rich Hovis heritage, but in and new and exciting way.

“Positioning the brand as the provider of everyday goodness, we think that kids will love this advert as much as their parents love the original boy on a bike, demonstrating how the brand remains relevant to families today.”

This week Hovis launched two new sandwich alternatives – flatbreads and sandwich thins – within the Good Inside range.

Each item is baked in omega 3 from flaxseed oil, contains fibre and 14 ‘essential vitamins and minerals’ derived from wheatgerm.