Hovis has revealed more details on its major TV campaign, which will be shown for the first time this Friday, 12 September.

The ad, which was filmed in Liverpool with a cast of more than 750 extras, depicts the highs and lows experienced by Britain during Hovis’ existence. The epic ad will cover World War 1, the suffragette movement, the first car, World War 2, the 1953 coronation and the “swinging sixties”, right up to the Millennium celebrations. It ends with the strapline ‘As good today as it’s always been’.

The ad is the major part of parent company Premier Food’s plan to rejuvenate the Hovis brand. It will break with a 122-second spot during Coronation Street on Friday, to reflect the brand’s launch 122 years ago. Shorter 90 and 10-second versions will run until December.

A four-week cinema campaign, press and in-store activity will support the campaign.

Last week, Hovis’ marketing director Jon Goldstone told British Baker that the aim of the campaign was to “put real pride back into the fantastic Hovis brand”.