Double D system
Double D Food Engineering has developed a Clean In Place (CIP) system, to meet the specific hygiene needs of industrial bakers producing speciality bread, where toppings such as butter, cheese, garlic, olive oil, ham or tomatoes require extra efficient cleaning. It features sparge pipes, which deliver a pressurised, heated, caustic solution throughout the oven.

Wholegrain study
The intake of higher levels of wholegrain and cereal fibre in older adults has been linked to lower total body fat, in a study by the American Society for Nutrition. The study, carried out on 434 adults found that participants who consumed the highest amounts of wholegrain had approximately 2.4% less total body fat and 3.6% less abdominal fat than those who ate the least.

Immigrant issue
Eight illegal immigrants face deportation after they were arrested while working at Warburtons’ Enfield bakery. During an arranged visit to the bakery by the UK Border Agency (UKBA), six Pakistanis, one Zimbabwean and one South African were found unable to prove their right to work in the UK. A spokeperson for Warburtons said it will give the UKBA its full support until the matter is resolved.

Cookie upgrade
Following its cookie launch in Selfridges, Sobo Chocolate is upgrading to a bespoke cookie stand in the department store’s foodhall. To celebrate, Sobo is launching Free Cookie Fridays on every Friday in October. Those who follow the firm on Twitter will receive a special code word and the first 20 people to use it in-store will receive a free cookie. Sobo also plans to launch two new flavours in the next month.