Calorie labelling test

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has reported that a trial in New York City to show calorie labelling in fast food chains saw no overall decline in calories purchased across the full sample. Three chains saw big reductions in calories, including bakery Au Bon Pain, which fell by 14.4%. However, at Subway, which promotes large portions, calories soared by 17.8%.

Grains for coeliacs

Grains tef, millet, amaranth, and quinoa can be safely eaten by people with coeliac disease, new research suggests. Published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, it analysed the immune activity of the alcohol-soluble protein fractions from the two cereals tef and millet and the two pseudocereals amaranth and quinoa and compared them to wheat gliadin to test suitability in the diet of people with coeliac disease.

Food and drink trainer

Nottingham Trent University has joined the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink as a specialist training provider in the fields of food-related innovation and regional and rural enterprise. The move opens Nottingham Trent’s doors to a wider range of food manufacturing businesses.

Irish firm expands

Cork-based family firm Country Kitchens Bakery, a specialist in par-baked products, plans to expand sales to the UK with a range of new breads, including Poppy Seeded Bloomer, Wholesome Brown Crusty Rolls and Round White Crusty Loaf.

Gluten-free rules

The US Food and Drug Administration has launched a consultation with manufacturers on labelling rules for gluten-free products. It aims to set limits on the amount of gluten a product can contain to be labelled "gluten-free".