According to this year’s Home Grown Cereals Authority’s (HGCA) international workshop, UK wheat has proven its suitability for the export market.

"The bread baking workshop provides an excellent opportunity for potential customers to bake their national breads using UK wheat," said Emma Finn, HGCA’s marketing manager. "In recent years, the belief that the UK can only offer feed wheat for the export market has changed, and this event reinforces the quality of wheat available for bread and biscuits.

"Particularly popular with the delegates were the blends of UK wheats (nabim Group 3 varieties)," said Finn. "These are well-regarded overseas and the UK needs to continue to produce these wheats if it wants to maintain its position in the export market."

The 9th International Bread Baking Workshop was held at the Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA) in March. The workshop was attended by delegates from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia.

This year the workshop was also attended by plant breeder Nickersons, which has several of its varieties included in the UK brand.

British Cereal Exports chairman George Forbes said: "The Bread Baking Workshop gave us a great opportunity to prove the suitability of UK wheats for the international market."

There will be an on-line forum on the HGCA website, including results from the workshop, delegate comments and photographs of the breads baked. The forum will go live on Monday, 30 April at [].