Consumers are more likely to choose a double chocolate or chocolate chip muffin with a cup of coffee, according to new research by Dawn Foods.

To mark the first UK Coffee Week, which took place from 4-10 April, the bakery manufacturer took to the streets to discover what consumers’ favourite treat was.

It found that the top choice was a muffin, with over half those polled voting for a double chocolate or chocolate chip variety, with the blueberry muffin coming in next, at 25% of the muffin vote.

Cake was chosen as the perfect coffee accompaniment by 20%, while 29% preferred cookies. Shortbread and flapjacks only picked up 1% and 3% of the votes respectively.

“As a sponsor of UK Coffee Week, we thought it would be a good idea to find out what people like to have with their coffee,” explained Dawn Foods marketing manager Jacqui Passmore.

“Coffee and a muffin is the perfect combination and the poll illustrates just how popular this is. It’s also interesting to see how mainstream muffins and cookies have become, in comparison with more traditional treats.”