Orchard Valley Foods has acquired the licence to sell Creative Baking ingredients under the McDougalls brand, to the foodservice and wholesale sector, for an undisclosed sum.

The bakery ingredients manufacturer and confections and decorations distributor has acquired the licence from the brand’s owner Premier Foods.

The range includes ingredients such as chocolate chips – in dark and white – mini mallows, cream cheese and chocolate fudge frostings, and cupcake cases. However, Gill Bullock, marketing manager, told British Baker that the firm was already planning new product ideas, and felt items such as fudge cubes would fit very well with the existing lines.

“We also feel the brand could be made to look a little more impactful on packaging, so we will be looking at making some tweaks and bringing about great consistency. It’s very exciting for us, as it’s such an iconic brand,” she said.

John Young, national account manager, Orchard Valley Foods, said the firm had streamlined distribution and, in the first part of 2012, would be revitalising the range and adding new products.

Orchard Valley already supplies bakery mixes, innovative and novel decorations and inclusions to manufacturers, foodservice and retail outlets through their Secret Ingredients confections and decorations brand, and customer own-label range.

The firm said the McDougalls brand would give it “a further significant presence” in the home and creative baking market.

Paul Carr, head of business development for Premier Foods’ foodservice business, said: “This is a very positive and sensible move for the McDougalls brand, as it ensures that the Creative Baking range will see focus across sales, marketing and development work.

“The range will continue to benefit from Premier Foods’ holistic support for its brand, and is entirely consistent with our efforts to ensure that the complete McDougalls range is fresh and relevant to our customer base.”

Mike Forrester, managing director, Orchard Valley Foods, added: “We have been packing this part of the McDougalls range for a number of years for Premier Foods. It’s a great opportunity for our business to acquire the brand licence.”