Britvic and PepsiCo have announced that Pepsi will be incorporating quick-response (QR) codes across its brand in a bid to provide entertainment on-the-go. Using mobile phone technology, the codes, which will appear on more than 400 million packs, will enable consumers to gain access to content provided by Pepsi via the WAP service on their phones.

The two-dimensional codes work by acting as a conduit between print and web through the use of mobile phone camera technology. Using a QR code reader (available free on the web), consumers can take a picture of the on-pack code, which will then direct them to the entertainment. The content will include: seminars by Pepsi’s very own tongue-in-cheek life coach, Rusty Champion; popular games including Pro Evolution Soccer and Project Gotham racing; ringtones; wallpapers; and Pepsi’s view of the best of the web. The codes will appear on all major packs across Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max.