Bakers can find advice on moving from additive-assisted production to baking all-natural bread and how to market it successfully in a new guide from the Real Bread Campaign.

Knead to Know: the Real Bread starter, the introductory guide to bringing Real Bread back to the heart of a local community, will be available to order from from 17 January.

Published in print and as a PDF download, Knead to Know includes information on business models, relevant legislation, money matters, equipment, ingredients, basic recipes, techniques, voluntary apprenticeships, equipment and ingredient suppliers.

It also includes advice from master bakers Paul Barker, Troels Bendix, Aidan Chapman, Paul Merry, and Andrew Whitley, as well as UK Community Supported Bakery pioneer Dan McTiernan, of The Handmade Bakery.

Campaign project Chris Young said: “Knead to Know is for anyone who has watched someone else choosing between industrial loaves by squeezing them the same way that they test loo rolls, and thought: “I wish there was a way that I could help to bring Real Bread back into my local community’.”