Starbucks is to give its UK stores a facelift in a bid to make them more local and less global.
The coffee shop chain is reviewing its approach to store design, and aims to put a bigger focus on "local relevance and environmental responsibility".
Darcy Willson-Rymer, MD Starbucks UK and Ireland, said its new global store design strategy set the stage for a "reinvigorated customer experience". He said: "The new designs aim to reflect the character of each store’s surrounding neighbourhood and help to reduce environmental impacts. Further announcements regarding the development of this strategy in the UK will be introduced over the coming months."
In an interview with The Independent, Willson-Rymer said there was no single design in mind when deciding how to decorate UK shops, but that bolder colours, local artefacts and even second-hand furniture were all being considered. Starbucks currently designs stores using colours and furniture from a central corporate palette.