Vogel’s bread has launched an app on its Facebook page, enabling fans to discover which varieties of tea work best with its different varieties of bread.

The firm carried out extensive research into which blends worked best with its wholemeal and oat, original mixed grain, soya and linseed and sunflower and barley breads. The type of blend also depended on the amount of time each slice was toasted for, and how long the tea was brewed for.

Delicious magazine’s wine expert Susy Atkins paired up with The Savoy hotel’s tea guru Trevor Mordaunt, to create a tea and toast map, detailing which tea and toast combinations brought out the best in each other.

Perfect Partners were found to be Smokey Lapsong, brewed at 100 degrees for five minutes and drunk with a mid-brown slice of original mixed grain. Chinese Yellow Tea worked best with lightly toasted sunflower and barley, while a strong cup of Assam, brewed for four minutes, complemented a well-done slice of soya and linseed.

The ‘Perfect Partners’ app – the Vogel’s Toast ‘n’ TEA-O-TRON 3000 – will be available on its Love Toast Community Facebook page.