In this issue of British Baker we have a whole feature lined up for you with in-depth advice on what to do for Halloween - ranked number three in the biggest UK spending occasions. But how do you appeal to adults as well as children?

It may be July, but for bakers this is prime time to get planning spooky lines for the autumn season, so we lined up some top tips for you.

According to Jane Stork, category marketing manager at ingredients company Macphie, the key for hitting an adult market is offering something more sophisticated. She also suggests tapping into the healthier trend.

Stork said: “Brownies are big at the moment and this will continue into the autumn because you can do lots of creative things with them. For Halloween you can add beetroot, which gives them a fantastic red colour, but is also on-trend. There is still a niche for healthier things even at Halloween, especially for adults.”

Bakers have the upper-hand here when it comes to competing with supermarkets, because they have honed their skills.

She continued: “To stand out as a bakery you have to up-skill. The craft bakers we meet who are doing the best are the ones that are doing something a bit special - and Halloween is a prime time for that.”

Macphie is relaunching its red velvet range ahead of the season, so bakers can tap into the more sophisticated flavour for Halloween.

Make sure you pick up British Baker this week for even more exclusive hints and tips for succeeding at Halloween, featuring advice from Harriet Hastings from The Biscuiteers, and Gerhard Jenne of Konditor & Cook, who even gets dressed up for the occasion… 

Below: Gerhard Jenne of Konditor & Cook gets in the halloween spirit