Greggs has been hacked on its Google listing with fraudsters putting up an offensive slogan on its official branding.

The snapshot of a Google search for Greggs, displaying the logo which read "providing sh*t to sc*m for over 70 years" went viral on Tuesday afternoon.

The logo has since been removed after Greggs complained to Google and asked for the situation to be rectified. 

The offensive branding was displayed in the company profile section, which appears on the right hand side of the screen when a brand is searched for on Google. 

The logo has been sourced from

The company has been bombarded with tweets, informing them of the blunder.

Greggs social media account has taken the story on the chin, and has been responding to concerned and amused tweeters in a sarcastic and humorous tone.

In response to the Google hack, a Greggs spokesperson said: “We are aware of the abusive logo and have made a formal complaint to Google and asked them to rectify this as a matter of urgency.”

Greggs offered the search engine doughnuts an attempt to fix the problem, and have now requested a google doodle!

Hey @GoogleUK, fix it and they’re yours!!! #FixGreggs

— Greggs (@GreggstheBakers) August 19, 2014

@DarkStarPoet we love you @google, please be our friend!!

— Greggs (@GreggstheBakers) August 19, 2014

@JosephFreeman @ohmyitsbetty phew... we wouldn’t want this to get out there! Thanks for keeping schtum guys!!

— Greggs (@GreggstheBakers) August 19, 2014

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