Lincoln-based Ticklebelly Lane Bakery is to open a bakery shop and tea house later this week. 

The bakery and tea house will open on Guildhall Street, serving up freshly-baked artisan breads and cakes from Ticklebelly’s menu, which includes bakewell slices and chocolate brownies. Sweet and savoury pastries also appear, such as giant choux buns, apple and caramel pie, beef pasties and Lincolnshire sausage rolls.

Ticklebelly’s new site will also offer baking experience days such as the Christmas baking experience, artisan bread baking and bake and date nights for couples.

The existing bakehouse on Doddington Road, Ticklebelly’s original site which opened in 2014, will remain to supply the shop and tea house.

“The original plan was to stay and grow for five years and then see what direction to go in. However, the business grew faster than expected and after just two years it is time once again to expand,” said owner James Cook on Ticklebelly’s website.

“What started as nothing more than an idea and just £40 one rainy day back in 2011 has now become a company that will continue to grow and shine.”