A new study claims to have identified the 10 best places for bakers to open up shop in the UK. 

The new national analysis of demand for local services versus supply, carried out by the UK domain, has found the cities where consumer demand is not being met.

The analysis of more than 154,000 Google search terms and 63,000 national business listings covers 59 of Britain’s biggest cities and identifies where the opportunities are for new business owners to harness online interest.

Eleanor Bradley, chief operating officer of Nominet, which runs the .UK domain, said: “Setting up a new business can be daunting, but giving consumers what they want, where they want is the key to success.”

The top 10

1          Cambridge

2          Oxford

3          Winchester

4          Bath

5          Inverness

6          Canterbury

7          Salisbury

8          Chester

9          Hereford

10       Peterborough