The Warburtons’ advert promoting giant crumpets featuring The Muppets has been crowned 2015’s most successful Christmas campaign.

According to a survey by market research agency Millward Brown the advert came top in a number of judging criteria like branding, persuasion and an overall appreciation.

Amanda Phillips, UK head of marketing at Millward Brown, said: “Warburtons’ success shows you don’t have to make people cry to win their hearts, or shower them with Christmas to make an impact.

“Their ad is highly branded and humorous, and cuts through the festive noise to build emotional loyalty and motivate people to buy. The UK public loves The Muppets and loves crumpets and, together, they are a winning formula.”

The advert’s success stands out as it neither mentions Christmas nor tries to provoke a strong emotional response in viewers. John Lewis’ ‘Man on the Moon’ ad, which attempted to pull on heartstrings by focusing on old age loneliness, could only come 10th in the survey and, of the supermarkets, it was Lidl’s humorous ‘Lidl School of Christmas’ adverts which came highest in 5th place.