Bakers Basco baskets illegal sale online

Source: Getty Images

Bakers Basco has set up dedicated team to crack down on illegal online sales of bakery equipment such as bread baskets.

The membership scheme, which was set up by Allied Bakeries, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons, Hovis, and Warburtons to provide and manage bakery equipment, said bakers’ bread baskets were being sold on various websites.

Bakers Basco described this as “shocking and frustrating” as the equipment carries the company’s name, address, and contact details, leaving no doubt about its ownership. The membership scheme added that the sales would also impact plastic recycling efforts in the grocery industry.

“Even worse, when confronted about the issue, some sellers refuse to return the equipment, demanding payment instead,” Bakers Basco stated. “This behaviour not only costs the baking industry millions each year but also disrupts the supply chain for daily bread, impacting bakeries, retailers, and consumers alike.”

It added that these actions are not victimless as they directly affect bakeries, retailers, and shoppers, leading to increased costs and inconvenience.

“We are deeply concerned about the misuse and illicit sale of our plastic bread baskets,” said Bakers Basco national investigations manager Stacey Brown. “These baskets are specially designed for our members, ensuring hygiene standards and safe storage and transportation of baked goods. Selling them for general-purpose use poses contamination risks, compromises food safety, and adds to the already pressing plastic waste problem.”

In response to the issue, Bakers Basco is monitoring all social media sites with a dedicated team that will take legal action against anyone found selling their equipment online.

Bakers Basco has been investing in the recovery of its equipment in recent years, including the addition of GPS tracking devices. It also employed ex-police officer Stacey Brown as national investigations manager to oversee the investigation team as it expands into new areas and industries outside of bakery – specifically festivals, markets and events.