Foster Refrigerator is launching an initiative which offers an energy cashback promise to customers purchasing its EcoPro G2 cabinet.

The equipment firm has said it will help bakers purchasing the energy-saving unit, also known as the EP 700 H cabinet, to monitor its performance, which the company claims costs £65.30 to run during a 12-month period.

As a result, Foster has said it promises to refund the cost of the energy up to the value of £65.30, following the 12-month test completion date.

Ashley Sword, sales director at Foster Refrigeration, said: “This new promise to our clients is very simple. We will provide an energy monitor and if, after 12 months, the cabinet’s consumption has exceeded £65.30 we will refund the excess sum up to a ceiling of £65.30. This is Foster putting its money where its mouth is, and this scheme totally reinforces the fact that our claims are not just shallow marketing hype.”

Based on recent independent lab tests, Foster said its EP 700 H cabinet consumed an average of £65.30 per year, based on a 12p per KWh, but the firm said: “In real-world field tests the cabinets have proven to deliver even better results than that.”

The promotion will be running initially for one month from 1 March on the EcoPro G2 cabinet, also known as the EP 700 H. However, Foster has said that if demand is high, then there could be further opportunities to enrol in the scheme later in the year.