AMF Bakery Systems hydrogen tunnel oven

AMF Bakery Systems-owned AMF Den Boer has launched an emission-free hydrogen tunnel oven.

Its Multibake Vita Tunnel Oven will help industrial bakers reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 99.9% within the baking process, said the company.

AMF has described it as “the world’s first emission-free, hydrogen fuelled tunnel oven”.

The oven burns are activated using green hydrogen, also known as clean hydrogen, a CO2-neutral fuel that is produced from a renewable source.

“We will continue to introduce breakthrough innovations like the Multibake Vita Tunnel Oven to help our bakery and food producing customers – both large and small – meet sustainability objectives, and bake the best breads or pizzas,” said Fabiano Malara, vice president of EMEA/AP for AMF.

Although commercial ovens typically use natural gas as the resource for heating, the new patent-pending technology will virtually eliminate CO2 emissions from the oven while reducing the cost of utilities, said the firm.

“We can even retro-fit this technology into existing ovens that are already in the field. We are confident many food producers will make the upgrade, as we see growing urgency for sustainability measures in baking,” added Remco Bijkerk, executive product manager at AMF Den Boer.