Three cafés in Leeds are leading a campaign encouraging local businesses to use a new composting collection service for used Vegware products.

The service will collect used packaging manufactured by the Vegware brand, which produces plant-based compostable foodservice packaging, such as coffee cups, cutlery and takeaway containers.

Opposite Café, Laynes Espresso and North Star Coffee Shop are to start composting their used Vegware products, and they will be collected by Forge Recycling and taken to The Maltings waste facility, near Leeds. After six to eight weeks, the waste is turned into compost for use on Yorkshire fields.

“Vegware have become synonymous with being an environmentally responsible brand,” said Holly Bowman, director at North Star Coffee.

“It’s just brilliant that we can 100% be confident that waste is being dealt with in the right way.”

Laynes Espresso owner Dave Olejnik seconded this. He said he and his team had always wanted the opportunity to be able to compost Vegware products, adding that the scheme would be “a great thing for the city”.

Lou Henry, founder and owner of Opposite Café, started out with Vegware’s very first compostable spoons and increased her product range from there.

“I’d like to urge all small businesses in Leeds to use Vegware, to look up this scheme and join us,” Henry said.