Homemade s'mores

Source: Getty Images

  • Publication date: Wednesday 19 April
  • Editorial submissions deadline: Monday 3 April
  • Editorial contact: Amy North, amy.north@wrbm.com

What are the next big flavours in bakery? This feature will find out. It’ll cover the trending flavours in sweet and savoury bakery items and the influences behind them as well as exploring how and why they are being used.

Key areas this article will explore include:

  • What are the next big flavours in bakery and why?
  • What are the influences and/or trends behind these flavours gaining popularity?
  • How are they being used? I.e., the type of baked good they’re in, the reason they’re being added (health connotations, attract a certain audience etc).
  • How are existing popular flavours evolving to keep consumers interested?
  • What flavours proving popular in other food and drink categories, such as alcohol, snacks, or ice cream, that could work in bakery?

We’re also looking for recipes which show how bakers can tap into these trends. If you have one which fits the bill, please send it over along with a photo of the final product.