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  • Publication date: Wednesday 10 May 2023
  • Editorial submissions date: Friday 21 April 2023
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The out-of-home bakery market is bouncing back as businesses forge ahead with plans for growing estates and new formats. But it’s not all sunny out there as businesses and consumers alike are facing costs pressures leading to difficult decisions around operations and spending.

This feature will explore what impact the economic climate is having, what tactics businesses are employing to protect profits and, where possible, drive growth, where the future opportunities lie and what the market could look like in a year.

It will accompany a ranking of the top 75 companies that sell baked goods as a primary element of their food offering in a non-supermarket retail, food-to-go or eat-in format. Businesses in the list include Costa, Subway, Greggs, Cooplands, Birds Bakery and more.

Key questions this feature will explore:

  • How has the out-of-home bakery market, and its key players, performed over the past year?
  • What impact is inflation having on businesses? What are they doing to combat rising costs and protect profit margins?
  • How is the cost-of-living crisis impacting consumers in this market? Will they cut back?
  • What are consumers looking for? How are businesses adapting to meet these needs?
  • Recruitment remains a major challenge. How are businesses tackling this and what are they doing to keep existing staff engaged and happy at work?
  • Which channels, such as delivery, travel, high street, drive-thru and online, present the most opportunities for future growth and why? Which ones will face difficulties?
  • Looking at products, what are some of the top new bakery launches in this market this year? Why have they been so successful?
  • What will the out-of-home market bakery look like in the future?