Sales at bakery chain Coopland & Son (Scarborough) have risen 5.7% year-on-year to £50.2m.

In its financial statement for the year ended 31 March 2019, the company said it had continued to grow organically, with additional outlets in new areas and its traditional customer base.

Cooplands has expanded rapidly following an £8.5m investment by BGF in 2017 and now operates 160 shops and 12 cafés that are typically located in shopping parades and high streets.

It has also expanded its sandwich van fleet to 35 vehicles that operate from its bakeries in Durham and Hull.

The company reported continued uncertainty around material costs, although these had not been as extreme as in previous years. Operating profit at the business was £0.9m, down from £1.2m the previous year.

Cooplands recently announced the appointment of former Morrisons marketing head Belinda Youngs as chief executive.

“Cooplands is a brand with a rich heritage and an exciting future ahead,” said Youngs. ”Working alongside BGF, our long-term investment partner, we have ambitious plans to accelerate this growth through developing our brand strategy. This will see an evolution of our shop format and respective product offering in each location.”

Youngs added that the business had invested in its three bakeries to provide a platform for growth and innovation.

“A couple of examples of initiatives now in the market, or launching soon, include our innovative Christmas range,” she explained. “2020 will see the relaunch of our breakfast range to incorporate healthier and even more convenient choices, as well as the continued development of our vegan range.”