A selection of spices in bowls

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International ingredients and flavours business Carbery Group has acquired Innova Flavors from Griffiths Food Worldwide.

Innova supplies customised savoury flavours and ingredients to customers around the world from its manufacturing facility in the Chicago area. Its acquisition strengthens Synergy – Carbery’s international flavours business which also has its US headquarters in the Chicago region.

Known in the US for sweet flavours, extracts and essences, this ‘strategic purchase’ expands the savoury capabilities of Synergy US and complements its offerings worldwide, Carbery said.

“Our primary purpose is to add value for our farmer shareholders,” said Carbery Group chairman TJ Sullivan. “Through a series of acquisitions in the UK, the USA, Europe, South America and Asia, we have successfully built Synergy. This new acquisition brings new opportunities with customers and markets that will strengthen the returns across our whole business.”

Carbery Group CEO Jason Hawkins added that the business was resilient throughout the pandemic, Brexit and other recent challenges and while “stability is important” the business needed to consider strategic opportunities for it to grow.

“Acquiring Innova Flavors will enhance our business in the US, but also in Asia and Central and South America. The deal will bring opportunities right across our platforms of Dairy, Taste and Nutrition,” he added.