New York Bakery Co is gunning for Warburtons by releasing a duo of gangster-themed ads to promote its authentic New York bagels.

The 60- to 80-second films introduce viewers to a character called ‘that movie guy (sort of)’ who infiltrates New York Bakery Co’s UK offices to make employees an offer they can’t refuse – one which involves him making bagels the ‘right way’.

It bears a resemblance to the Warburtons bagel advert released earlier this week, which sees two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro confronting Jonathan Warburton to paint a picture of a world where he passes the new Warburtons bagels off as his own ‘Goodbagels’.

NYBC’s first short was released on social media last night (16 May) and has already racked up more than 115,000 views. The second is due to be released later this week.

“Authenticity comes from a true understanding of New York bagels and the boiled and baked method. This is the only way to guarantee a real New York-style chew,” said Christina Honigfort, head of marketing, New York Bakery Co.

“Turning down our well-intentioned ‘movie guy’ and his bagel secrets both times may seem a bit extreme, but we don’t need the big New York star, we have the big New York taste.”

New York Bakery Co bagels are shaped into rounds, then dropped into boiling water before being moved to stone-baked ovens for the final step. Warburtons said it also follows the traditional process of boiling then baking to produce a ‘soft and chewy’ bagel.