Brownings the Bakers has ended its trademark disagreement with Kilmarnock Football Club.

Over the past 10 months, the two companies have been in a legal battle over the rights to the trademark ‘Killie Pie’.

In May 2016, Brownings decided to rebrand the ‘Killie’ pie to the Kilmarnock pie, following a dispute with football club Kilmarnock FC, with whom it had a contract to make the pies.

John Gall, managing director of Brownings, said it was time for both parties to focus on what they do best.

“Following a successful rebrand to the Kilmarnock Pie, sales are now higher than ever,” he said.

“It has actually been beneficial for us because the name Killie is only really known by locals; changing the name to Kilmarnock has given us the opportunity to make the brand synonymous with where it’s from, and hopefully over time, it will help raise the profile of the town. It’s time that I focused on other business affairs and I hope Kilmarnock Football Club do the same.”

The decision comes a month after Brownings took the top prize at the World Championship Scotch Pie Awards.

The Kilmarnock Pie is gaining recognition across the UK and was supplied to Wembley Stadium in November for the England vs Scotland game.

The pie is currently available in more than 70 Aldi stores in Scotland and will also be available in Sainsbury’s stores at the beginning of April.