Cakes and other baked goods are the top-selling treats in ice cream parlours after ice cream, according to a new study.

A survey of members of trade body the Ice Cream Alliance (ICA) has revealed that 61% of parlours sell cakes.

Hot beverages are the only non-ice cream product selling more than baked goods, with 69% of parlours selling coffee and 63% selling tea and other hot drinks.

The ICA said that cake and bakery companies should be looking “more closely” at growing their number of ice cream parlour customers, adding that both were “booming” sectors.

“According to international accountancy firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, ice cream parlours are one of the few growth sectors on our struggling high streets,” said Zelica Carr, CEO of ICA.  

“They are growing by 20% per year – which means, by our calculations, that there are over 1,200 parlours in the UK. That’s a large potential market for the bakery sector.”

A number of brands have already begun combining ice cream and bakery items, such as Ben & Jerry’s, which launched ice cream bagels as well as a festive ice cream sandwich last year.

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