A Northern Irish producer of a new nutritional biscuit, Calerrific, has won distribution deals in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

CalBisc 100, a unique fortified shortbread, is now being distributed in Britain by Alliance Healthcare of Chessington, Kent and in the Republic by Dublin-based United Drug.

It is made by combining a selected range of flours, seeds and berries with milk powder, butter and soft brown sugar.

The company, based near Holywood in Co Down, secured the deal a few months after the launch of the new biscuit product in Northern Ireland. Initially developed to help people recover after illness or surgery, the nutritional biscuit is now also proving popular with those interested in sport.

Suitable for vegetarians, a box of CalBisc 100 contains seven individual packs of two biscuits, foil-wrapped to keep them fresh. Each biscuit provides 100 calories, and a foil-wrapped twin pack contains 10% of an adult’s Recommended Daily Allowance of calories, protein, fibre and 27 vitamins and minerals.

Alan Baird, a local entrepreneur who developed the biscuit, said: “The distribution deals are a tremendous boost for the company and will give us a good platform for growth in both markets. Our aim will be to expand into other markets in Europe and North America.”

Baird added: “While I wanted a product that was nutritious and easy to eat, it also had to taste really good. There’s just no point in creating a healthy product that doesn’t meet the taste challenge.”