Carrs Foods has extended its Paul Hollywood ready-to-bake range with a sourdough roll and secured nationwide listings in Sainsbury’s.

The new product is a Sourdough Multigrain Roll that is sold in a four-pack and described as being baked with a blend of seeds and grains to create rolls “bursting full of sourdough taste and flavour”.

Other products in the Paul Hollywood ready-to-bake range, which made its debut in 2015, are Crusty and Multi-Seed Rolls (six-pack), Rustic Rolls (four-pack), and a Rustic Loaf.

The new product had been created to meet growing interest in sourdough, while the inclusion of seeds and grains would appeal to health-conscious consumers, explained Carrs Foods marketing director Tim Boote.

“The new rolls are made with a slow-fermented sourdough that has been fermented for 20 hours and delivers a deliciously mild flavour that we are sure will appeal to customers, looking for great tasting bread they can bake at home.”

Other business that have rolled out sourdough lines in recent months include Hovis with a sourdough bloomer, Warburtons with a sourdough Toastie and Mission with sourdough wraps.

Already listed in retailers including Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado, the Paul Hollywood ready-to-bake range is this month rolling out to 300 Sainsbury’s supermarkets, with the multi-seed rolls going into 350 Sainsbury’s Local stores.

“We are delighted Sainsbury’s is listing the Paul Hollywood Ready to Bake range,” said Carrs Foods managing director Jeremy Gilboy. “It is testament to the quality of the products and the innovation and excitement they have brought to the category as well as the popularity of Paul himself.”