CSM is to introduce its new reduced-fat doughnut to the UK market in March, following years of new product development work.

The Readi-Bake Reduced Fat Doughnut contains at least 40% less fat, 45% less saturated fat and 10% fewer calories than a standard fried doughnut, and has more than six years to develop, the bakery firm revealed exclusively to British Baker.

CSM said consumer taste testing had revealed that 71% of frequent and occasional doughnut-eaters felt the reduced-fat option was superior to a standard iced ring doughnut.

“A unique combination of baking techniques allows CSM to mimic the frying process and use healthier sunflower oil to give this product the taste of a fried doughnut but the nutritionals of a baked doughnut,” said the firm.

Kerrie Medlicott, global director for health and wellness at CSM, said: “Doughnuts do have a slightly unfair reputation as being very fatty, but bizarrely that’s also part of their appeal. By switching to sunflower oil and using a unique combination of baking technologies our Innovation Centre has, we believe, found the perfect balance.”

The doughnut will be available in two varieties: cocoa iced ring and sugared ring.