A pomegranate compound is the latest addition to Dawn’s existing range of 20 compound flavours.

Dawn Foods said the natural pomegranate flavour could be used as an attractive hue to frostings and filling creams in cakes and desserts, as well as ice creams, mousses and milkshakes.

The existing range of compounds includes flavours such as blueberry, lemon, caramel, mango, passion fruit and cocoa. These flavours have also recently been reformulated to provide a whole range of completely natural flavour pastes.

Like Dawn’s other fruit-based compounds in the range, the pomegranate compound uses natural pectin as its binding system – it is made using concentrated pomegranate juice.

The majority of Dawn’s compounds now have a harmonised dosage of 40-60g per 1,000g of cream or batter, to make it easier for bakers to calculate recipe quantities and to ensure consistency. All of the compounds also have standardised viscosity for easy application.

Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager in the UK and Ireland at Dawn Foods, said: “With growing concerns about health and an interest in natural products, Dawn has identified an emerging trend for lighter-tasting, fruit-flavoured toppings and fillings.

Health-conscious consumers

“Our NPD teams have identified those flavours that are in demand from consumers, such as blueberry, launched last year, and now new pomegranate to ensure that we can provide our customers with the types of products that are in demand from today’s consumers.”

She added: “Pomegranate is a leading ‘super fruit’ with many perceived health benefits, and is currently very fashionable in all kinds of food products, including sweet bakery.”