A selection of doughnuts with different toppings

Source: Getty Images / StefaNikolic

National Doughnut Week is in full swing, and the nation’s bakers have been busy whipping up sweet treats to delight customers and raise money for The Children’s Trust.

Running from 18 to 26 May, the week sees bakers, cafes, and more donate money from doughnut sales to the charity, which supports children with brain injuries.

From classic jam doughnuts to ice cream-themed delights, on-trend pistachio ones, and very lemony treats, there is a doughnut to suit all tastes.

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Below are a few of the highlights from National Doughnut Week, sponsored by CSM Ingredients. For a full list of participating bakeries, visit the National Doughnut Week website.

A chocolate covered doughnut with chocolate curls on top

Source: Birds Bakery

Birds Bakery, East Midlands

There’s chocolate galore at Birds Bakery which is serving up a Double Chocolate Doughnut at its 60-plus stores across the East Midlands. Packed with a creamy filling, this hand decorated delight is topped with chocolate fondant, Belgian white chocolate, and marbled chocolate curls.


Two chocolate doughnuts, one topped with cookies & cream frosting and another with mint choc chip frosting

Source: Warings Bakery

Warings Bakery, Reading

Ice cream is the theme of the week at Warings, which is decorating branches accordingly alongside rolling out four limited-edition doughnuts.

  • Mint Choc Chip – a ring doughnut dipped in chocolate topped with a bulb of mint flavoured cream with chocolate chips mixed through and finished with a drizzle of mint icing
  • Raspberry Ripple – a ring doughnut topped with white fudge icing that has been flavoured with raspberry and marbled with raspberry colouring then finished with freeze-dried raspberry pieces
  • Cookies and Cream – a ring doughnut topped with a white fudge icing dipped in crushed cookies and cream biscuits and finished with a bulb of cream that has been mixed with blitzed cookies and cream biscuits
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie – a ring doughnut dipped in a chocolate fudge icing and chocolate vermicelli topped with a bulb of chocolate cream and finished with fudge pieces

A doughnut cut open to reveal a rich cream filling

Source: Pipp & Co

Pipp & Co, Swindon

Premium doughnut makers Pipp & Co have teamed up with chai producers Henny & Joe’s to create a limited-edition treat. If it proves popular, the chai-flavoured, filled cinnamon doughnut will make a regular guest appearance in the range. Each week Swindon-based Pipp & Co bakes around 20,000 doughnuts, all made from natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. The new chai and cinnamon variety will be available at the farmers’ markets Pipp & Co visit, and from its online store.


Burns the Bread doughnuts

Source: Burns the Bread

Burns the Bread, Glastonbury

Burns the Bread is keeping things on trend by embracing fan favourites, retro classics, and on-trend flavours for National Doughnut Week 2024. Its line-up includes:

  • Biscoff Doughnuts filled with a generous amount of Speculoos and topped with fondant icing, buttercream, and a Biscoff biscuit
  • Eye-catching Banoffee Doughnuts filled with banoffee pie filling and topped with yellow icing, buttercream, a chocolate drizzle, and a slice of crunchy-dried banana
  • On-trend Pistachio Doughnuts packed with pistachio cream, covered in green icing, buttercream, and delicately placed pistachios
  • Indulgent Choc & Hazelnut Doughnuts filled with hazelnut spread and smothered in chocolate icing, choc cream, and a hazelnut Florentine

Doughnotts, Nottingham

To raise funds for The Children’s Trust, Doughnotts is donating 20p from every single Homer doughnut it sells during National Doughnut Week. The bright pink doughnut, named after doughnut fan Homer Simpson, is smothered in pink icing, and topped with colourful sprinkles.


Three chocolate covered doughnuts with chocolate curls on top

Source: Dorringtons

Dorringtons, Hertfordshire, Essex, and Cambridge

Family business Dorringtons is drumming up interest with an indulgent chocolate doughnut which is crammed full of Belgian milk chocolate custard, topped with chocolate fondant icing, and finished with Belgian milk and white chocolate curls. The bakery, which has 16 sites, will also donate 15p from every doughnut sold during National Doughnut Week, including its raspberry jam doughnut, pink sprinkle doughnut, chocolate iced doughnut, and custard doughnut.


Joe and Dough, Sheffield

There’s a doughnut for all tastes and diets at Joe and Dough. The premium doughnut specialise is serving up classic Glazed Ring doughnuts, indulgent Millionaire’s Doughnuts with a dulce de leche filling and chocolate ganache and shortbread topping, and Triple Chocolate Doughnuts. There’s also the Very Lemony, which has a lemon curd filling, lemon icing, and candied peel topping, as well as the Vegan Biscoff filled with Biscoff puree and a fondant and Biscoff top.