Northern Ireland’s Ditty’s Home Bakery has extended its range with cider-infused oatcakes.

The Irish Apple Oatcakes, priced at £3 for a 150g pack, are made using rolled oats from Co Armagh, infused with dry Irish cider from Mac Ivors at Portadown in the same county.

“I’ve been working on the new Irish apple oatcakes for several years as part of a longstanding focus on other local ingredients. I wanted to create an oatcake using locally sourced apples from Armagh, Northern Ireland’s ‘Orchard County’, famed for its production of Armagh Bramley Apples,” said Robert Ditty, master baker and managing director of Ditty’s Home Bakery.

“It has taken time to get the balance and flavour right between our traditional buttermilk and the Irish cider. I believe that we’ve created a delicious oatcake with a definite Armagh apple flavour.”

Other products in Ditty’s range include Traditional and Smoked Oatcakes, Walnut Oaties and an array of flavoured shortbreads, including Date & Walnut, Lemon and Winterberry. The brand has listings across the UK and Ireland, including in Waitrose and Fortnum & Mason.