Shell service stations are to carry a new range of food-to-go products – including sandwiches and wraps – created by chef Jamie Oliver.

The Jamie Oliver Deli by Shell range comprises more than 80 products that will launch into 500 Shell service stations from the end of this month. Alongside salads, sushi, hot pots and a kids’ mealbox are items including:

  • Black pepper mayo BLT: With tomato, bacon, crispy lettuce with black pepper mayo;
  • Mediterranean roast veg & ricotta wrap: With one portion of daily fruit and veg, this rainbow wrap includes roast veg and ricotta;
  • Smoked cheese & slaw spicy chipotle chicken sandwich: With chipotle ketchup, slaw, smoky cheese, chicken and fresh spinach;
  • Horseradish & red onion tuna mayo sandwich: With sweet-pickled red onion, fresh rocket and a ‘punchy’ mayo.

The front-of-pack on all products features traffic-light labelling showing the fat, saturated fats, sugar and salt content.

Shell said the launch followed an IPSOS Mori survey of more than 2,000 adults that showed 56% of UK drivers wanted healthier choices at forecourts. The company said the range contained more fruit, veg and colour to meet this demand.

“Across the UK we’re seeing a growing trend towards healthier food, but it has to taste good and be convenient,” said Shell retail executive vice president István Kapitány. “Working with Jamie and his team, this exciting new range has been designed to give our customers the choices they want when they’re on the move.”

Oliver said food-on-the-go was becoming a bigger, more normal part of busy, modern lives.

“It’s essential we make it more enjoyable through better-quality ingredients and exciting flavours,” he added.

Oliver marked the launch of the Deli by Shell range by sampling the products with London cabbies at their shelter in Russell Square. The shelter is one of only 13 remaining in London that were built in the 19th century to offer shelter and wholesome food to hansom cab drivers.