Following the introduction of a new EU regulation, restricting the use of sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP), Kudos Blends has developed an alternative product for bakers.

Introduced from 1 February 2014, the new regulation means that SALP is no longer permitted for use in the majority of bakery products, within Europe. 

The highly functional leavening acid has previously been used in a wide range of bakery applications, but recent research into Alzheimer’s disease has seen the legislation on the permitted aluminium content in foodstuffs tighten.

In response to bakers’ search for alternatives, Kudos has developed a low aluminium solution in the form of Kudos SALP Replacer, as well as a low sodium version.

According to Kudos, SALP is very unique in its function; its specific rate of reaction helps to achieve a slow, even rise, leading to a very fine crumb structure and resilient crumb. “It also provides a very clean taste – important for scones and sponges.

“In addition to these characteristics, SALP also has a neutralising value of 100, which means it is very easy to use as you can use a 1:1 ratio of sodium bicarbonate with SALP,” said the firm.

The characteristics of Kudos’ SALP Replacer include: the ability match the reaction rate of SALP across a range of temperatures, giving the same pH as SALP, and a flavourless taste profile.

It has been created from “a carefully chosen blend of aluminium-compliant leavening acids”, which have been developed to match the characteristics of SALP.