Prewetts gluten free enrobed chocolate biscuits in packaging

Source: Prewett’s

Gluten-free specialist Prewett’s has launched a range of enrobed sandwich biscuits.

There are two variants in the range – Enrobed Vanilla Creams and Enrobed Orange Creams. Both feature chocolate biscuits covered in Belgian milk chocolate with flavoured cream centres.

Waitrose will be the first major retailer to stock the biscuits, which will be sold in six-packs for an rsp of £2.29 in 123 of the retailer’s stores from Monday 23 November. Prewett’s Cookie & Cream Sandwich Biscuits have also gained a listing in Waitrose, joining its Jammy Wheels, Dark Chocolate & Ginger cookies, Chocoful and Milk Choc Digestives on shelves.

The NPD will help retailers meet the growing demand from consumers looking for more indulgent treats in the gluten-free section, the company said.

“After successfully launching free from ‘enrobed’ sandwich biscuits into the private label market, we understood there was an obvious opportunity in the market for these lines to be developed for the Prewett’s brand,” said Neil McAndry, managing director of Northumbrian Fine Foods which manufactures Prewett’s.

“2020 has seen a significant trend in indulgence and flavour, which are two key characteristics of ‘Enrobed Vanilla Creams’ and ‘Enrobed Orange Creams’. Demand for sandwich biscuits is also high on the consumer agenda, which again is reflected in the new products.”