Commemorative biscuit tins, cupcakes, and regal sausage rolls are among the bakery treats to be unveiled by supermarkets to help the nation celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

The coronation, which takes place on 6 May, is the first one in 70 years. As such, the nation is eagerly gearing up to crown the occasion with street parties, picnics, and other jubilations over the bank holiday weekend, which retailers are happy to cater for.

We take a glance through the array of limited-edition celebratory baked goods being rolled out by supermarkets nationwide:


M&S Coronation Sponge Cake

Source: M&S

Coronation Sponge Cake


M&S is planning to help Brits mark this special moment in UK history in ’serious style’. Among its collection of over 30 coronation-themed products are several bakery items including a commemorative biscuit tin and regal sausage rolls.

The retailer claims it’s not a royal occasion without an M&S commemorative tin. Available now, its Commemorative Biscuit Tin (rsp £6 / 450g) is filled with all butter shortbread, baked in Edinburgh. 

A commemorative biscuit tin accompanied by biscuits and bunting

Source: M&S

Commemorative biscuit tin

The Coronation Chicken Club Sandwich (rsp £4.50) is described as a ‘mighty mouthful’ featuring three layers of toasted oatmeal bread filled with British chicken, sweet mango chutney, pickled onions and spinach.

Hitting the shelves from 29 April, the Coronation Sponge Cake (rsp £10 / 770g) is M&S’ take on the classic Victoria Sponge, adorned with edible crown decorations.

Last but by no means least are the pastry delights, which will roll out at M&S delis on 3 May.

The sharing-sized Honey Roast Ham Sausage Roll (rsp £10 / 510g) comprises smoked bacon, mustard, honey roast ham and caramelised onions, and is boldly embossed with a red pastry HM. The company assures that this stands for ‘His Majesty, not Honey Mustard’.

Crown Pork Sausage Rolls (£6 / packs of nine) feature lightly seasoned British pork and caramelised onions, while the Nine Mini Chutney Topped Crown Pork Pies (£7 / packs of nine) feature a selection of cured British pork pies including punchy piccalilli and onion chutney toppings. 


Asda's Coronation Giant Cookie

Source: Asda

Coronation Giant Cookie


Asda has royally waved at the public festivities with a raft of offerings from its bakery department.

The baked goods, which will be available in Asda stores and online from 27 April to 18 May, include:

  • Coronation Letty Character Cake (rsp £7 / 620g) – chocolate sponge caterpillar cake with chocolate flavour buttercream, milk chocolate coating and edible decorations
  • Coronation Celebration Cake (rsp £12 / 1.1kg) – Madeira sponge filled with vanilla frosting and British strawberry jam, coated in vanilla frosting and decorated with sugar sprinkles, edible union jack plaques and edible crowns
  • Coronation Cake Jar (rsp £3 / 188g) – layers of madeira sponge, British Strawberry Jam and vanilla frosting with red, white and blue coloured sprinkles and topped with an edible crown decoration
  • Coronation Tray Bake (rsp £6.50 / 745g) – vanilla flavoured sponge, topped with clotted cream ganache frosting, finished with sugar decorations
  • Coronation Giant Cookie (rsp £8 / approx. 12 servings) – vegan, dark chocolate chip giant cookie with coloured sprinkles
  • Gingerbread Coronation Crown (rsp £0.65 / 31g) – individually-wrapped gingerbread biscuit decorated with coloured fondant icing
  • Coronation Crumpets (rsp £1.50 / six-pack) – fluffy crumpets decorated with a royal crown shape
  • Coronation Cupcakes (rsp £5 / 12-pack) – vanilla-flavoured sponge topped with either white or blue vanilla frosting and coloured or crown sugar decorations 

Tesco's Coronation King Prawn Sandwich

Source: Tesco

Coronation King Prawn Sandwich


Available online and in stores from today (17 April), Tesco’s new coronation range aims to help its shoppers plan a ‘celebration fit for royalty’.

Savoury offerings include the Tesco Finest Coronation Pork Pie (rsp £4 / 440g), which is topped with a pastry crown motif and baked in a hoop to give it a crisp finish. The Tesco Finest Coronation King Prawn Sandwich (rsp £3.50) features soft nigella seed white bread filled with king prawns, spinach, mango chutney, kachumber-style salad, and a coronation mayonnaise. Meanwhile, the Tesco Coronation Chicken Sandwich (rsp £2.60) combines curry mayonnaise with chicken breast, sultanas and spinach on onion seed bread.

On the sweet side, the Tesco Coronation Tin All Butter Shortbread Petticoat Tails (rsp £5 / 450g) sees shortbread baked in Scotland and housed in a commemorative King Charles III tin.

Those bowing towards something more traditional can opt for the King’s Coronation Celebration Cake (rsp £8), a Victoria sponge layered with sweet raspberry jam and buttercream, covered in soft icing with sugar paste decorations.

Tesco said it will donate £250,000 from proceeds of the range to The Prince’s Trust, the charity founded by His Majesty in 1976 when he was HRH The Prince of Wales, to support young people who face disadvantage and adversity to build their skills and confidence and find employment.


Morrisons' Blue, White & Red Cupcakes

Source: Morrisons

Blue, White & Red Cupcakes


The ‘Celebrating King Charles III Coronation’ range from Morrisons showcases the following baked treats: 

  • Giant Cookies (rsp £7 / sold individually) – decorated with Union Jack-coloured frosting and ‘Party Like Royalty’ inscription, available in-store from 1 May
  • Crown Biscuit (rsp £0.99 / sold individually) – buttery shortcake biscuit with crown design in icing, available from 24 April
  • Blue, White & Red Cupcakes (rsp £5 / nine-pack) – vanilla-flavoured sponge cakes topped with white and blue vanilla frosting, and either sugar sprinkles or an edible Union Jack flag decoration, available in-store from 24 April
  • Pork Pie Crown (rsp £6.50 / 800g) – British pork encased in a crown-shaped shortcrust pastry pie serving six people, available from 29 April to 8 May  

Sainsburys Pork & Cranberry Crown 2100x1400

Source: Sainsbury’s

Pork & Cranberry Crown


Sainsbury’s said 71% of shoppers are planning to gather with family and friends to celebrate the coronation, with afternoon tea coming out on top of the list of activities by those surveyed. To help with the celebrations, Sainsbury’s has unveiled a ‘right royal range’ of bakery items.

Available now in stores is King Wiggles (rsp £8), a chocolate sponge caterpillar filled with chocolate buttercream and enrobed in milk chocolate and Union Jack decorations. There are also Coronation Cupcakes (rsp £5 / pack of nine), comprising four vanilla sponge cupcakes topped with creamy vanilla frosting and sugar Union Jack plaques as well as five chocolate sponge cupcakes topped with blue and white frosting, and red sprinkles.

Launching on 19 April are Coronation Crown Biscuits (rsp £0.85 / sold individually) and Coronation Doughnuts (rsp £1.35 / pack of four). The biscuits are gingerbread and feature crown-shaped icing, whereas the doughnuts are iced and topped with red and blue sprinkles.

Rounding off the range is a savoury centrepiece in the form of a Taste the Difference Pork & Cranberry Crown (rsp £7.50). Available from 2 May, it is comprised of British pork sausage meat mixed with sweet cranberries, encased in butter-enriched puff pastry, all topped with edible crowns and a sprinkling of poppy seeds. 


Waitrose new Jewel the Jack Russell Cake in its packaging box.

Source: Waitrose

Jewel the Jack Russell Cake


Waitrose has revealed its selection of Coronation limited edition baked products to ’make celebrations tasty, affordable and memorable’. 

Jewel the Jack Russell Cake (rsp £9.50) is ’set to have tongues wagging’, comprising a chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, given a shiny coat of milk chocolate and a sugar face with crown, topped with crown shaped sprinkles.   

Baked by a family-owned bakery in the Scottish Highlands, the all butter shortbread has been given the royal treatment, housed in a distinctive commemorative tin bearing the date of the King’s Coronation (rsp £10). Alternatively, the Duchy Organic Sweet Selection Shortbread Box (rsp £9) has eaither plain or chocolate chip shortbread flavoured with Madagascan vanilla and embossed with a Coronation emblem. 

Lastly, the All Butter Scones (rsp £2 / pack of four) are made with Cornish buttermilk and clotted cream for a light, fluffy texture and extra flavour.